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Batch Centrifuges for Sugar Mills

MODEL                                   XJZ1750-N

Loading Capacity              1750 kg per charge

Loading Volume                1116

Liter Basket Diameter      Φ1600 mm

Basket Height                    1270 mm

Filter Area                            6.38 M2

Maximum G-force             1085

Frequency motor power   250 kW

Power Supply                      380V 50Hz 3 phase

Control Power                     220V AC

Control System                   Siemens

Cycles                                      18-20 cycles per hour, dependent upon massecuite type

Charging Speed                  100-300 rpm

Max Spinning Speed          1100 rpm

Basket Material                   Stainless Steel 316L

Scraper Material                 Stainless Steel 316L

Insulation Class                  F Machine weight 10000 kg

Size(L*W*H)                         3120mm*2290mm*4920mm


The base is composed of up and down parts, can be removable and easy to install and transport. Process contact part is from stainless steel. There is a sight-glass on the center of the base to observe filtration situation when the machine is working. Overhaul cover board on the external shell is easy to maintenance. Centrifuge frame is carbon steel, tower type construction, very stable. It is mounted on the base to suspend the rotation parts and put the frequency motor. Table panel is made of stainless steel, mounted on top of the casing to install feeding device, washing device, centering device and feeding limiter and so on. There is a movable door on the panel to be the manhole for maintenance and obverse the internal basket. The table-board of the base and the lateral plates are made of stainless steel, conforming to the hygiene requirement for food production. 


The detectable thickness of the material can be set in advance. The feeding limiter is controlled by cylinder. The detector retracts automatically after feeding finished and no contact to the material, with position sensor. Process contact part is made of stainless steel. 


    Frequency motor: three-phase 380V, 50Hz, Protection IP55, Insulation F grade, Power 250kW, with axial flow fan, squirrel cage construction, vertical installation.