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  • We supply complete component kits for fabrication of economical cranes. Our business partner for Cranes and lift is Kuli GmbH  (Germany)

    We offer Standardized end carriages, underslung trolleys, wheel assemblies, drive units with squirrel cage or slipring motors, electric hoists up to 200t lifting capacity, conductor systems, contactor control panels, radio control, variable frequency speed control equipment, etc.

    KULI crane components represent many years of practical experience coupled with constant design development. Customers can benefit from our wide experience as crane manufacturers and our close cooperation with crane builders worldwide.


    KULI standardized end carriages type NKS

    For hoist trolleys and normal duty standard cranes. Shaft mounted drives with disc brake motors. Double flange wheels and maintenance-free gears.

    KULI standardized end carriages type NK

    with wheel assemblies type K

    Ideal for cranes with higher wheel loads, heavy duty rating and larger spans. Removeable wheel assemblies type K with plain wheels are produced in SG cast iron. Lateral guide rollers on adjustable eccentric bushings provide smooth anti-‘crabbing’ characteristics.

    KULI wheel assemblies type K

    lend themselves readily to incorporation into special rail mounted equipment, e.g.:concrete spreading machines, traversing platforms, stacker cranes, transfer cars, welding machines, automatic manufacturing lines, machinery for the concrete industry, foundries and stone industry.

    Parallel shaft drive type FG

    with wheel bogie type K

    Ideal for hoist trolleys and cranes with larger capacities. FEM classification 3 m. Drives either frequency controlled or polechanging with soft start flywheel. Shafthub- connection by toothed shaft with involute flanks. The wheel bogies Type K have flangeless running wheels made from spheroidal cast iron, are prepared for bolting to mounting plate. Lateral guide rollers adjustable via eccentric bushings. Enhanced travel performance and low value side forces.

    Angle drive type WG

    with wheel bogie type K

    Robust spur bevel geared motors portal cranes and bridge cranes larger capacity. Variable frequency inverter controlled motors for acceleration and deceleration. Shaft-hub-connection by toothed shaft with involute flanks.

    KULI bogie-style end carriages

    for heavy bridge or gantry cranes 

    Even distribution of wheel loads results in lower crane loading. Either two or four type FSC drives can be used.

    KULI underslung trolleys type HF

    Universal design for underslung cranes and hoist trolleys

    KULI double wheel trolleys type HF 220

    for high wheel loads and low flange loading. Trolleys are designed to run on the bottom flange of rolled steel beams and box girders.